Katheryn Shields

4th District At-Large

It takes an exceptional candidate to earn endorsements from businesses and labor, preservationists and environmentalists. Katheryn Shields has earned that trust and support - because she has the strength to do the right thing, not just the easy thing. Katheryn has the experience to recognize a good idea and the leadership skills to make that idea a reality - even if someone else gets the credit. And, if an idea is NOT good for the city, she will oppose it - courteously but firmly - clearly stating her objections for the public. That is the kind of strength the city needs.

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- Institute modern Asset Management to maintain and repair our roads, bridges and sewers - while saving millions of dollars.


- Restore PROFESSIONAL CITY PLANNING - to protect our historic neighborhoods and insure that development (especially any with tax incentives) is good for the CITY, and not just developer.


- Protect our HISTORIC ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE. We can make necessary improvements (and create good jobs) without taking a wreaking ball to every problem. Kemper, KCI or The Plaza - with imaginative design, we can have historic preservation, convenience of access and functional re-use - and save millions of tax dollars.


Unmatched Experience

- Katheryn served two distinguished terms on the City Council - Under Mayors Berkley and Cleaver. Then she served and unprecedented three terms as County Executive - both "Mayor" and "Manager" of the County


-Katheryn Shields knows how governement works and how it SHOULD work for us.

Exceptional Leadership

  •   - The Arts

    Shields implemented the "1% for Art" program that jump-started KC's job-creating arts scene.

  •   - Asset Management

    Shields implemented Jackson County's asset management program that vastly improved county roads and bridges - while saving both money and lives

  •   - Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadiums

    Shields renovated both Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadiums - at a fraction of the cost of new stadiums - and kept the Chiefs and Royals in KC for a generation.

  •   - Efficiency

    Shields streamlined county government - eliminating most trips to the downtown courthouse

  •   - Health

    Shields funded Mental Health Courts and treatment to reduce crime - and Crisis Intervention Training to keep our police and civilians safer.



Truman Sports Complex

Environmental Leader


Katheryn Shields has always been a leader in protecting the environment.

While on the City Council, she sponsored the Waste Minimization Commission, and created the partnership with Bridging the Gap that led to KC’s first recycling centers.  That was the important first step towards curbside recycling.

Following the tragedy that killed six KC firefighters in the fall of 1988, Shields sponsored and successfully campaigned for a dedicated funding for a Hazardous Materials Unit (HAZMAT) and clear labeling of hazardous materials – both essential in a City that is a highway and rail hub.   So important was this issue to her that her infant son campaigned, too.

























After being elected County Executive, Shields brought her environmental enthusiasm to that job.  Believing that government should lead by example, in Jackson County everything that could be recycled was recycled.  Even the garbage from the jail was contracted out to be composted – at a savings to the County of over $30,000 a year!  Environment-friendly businesses and products were given purchasing priority.

During her tenure as County Executive, Jackson County won over two dozen local, state and national awards, and was consistently recognized as one of the most environmentally responsible government entities in the nation.






























After leaving the County, Katheryn served as Executive Director of Westside Housing Organization – a not-for-profit providing low-income housing -- where she oversaw the “greening” of its housing units, increasing their energy efficiency and lowering energy costs.




 When Myra Morgan and Sybil Kahn approached newly-elected Councilwoman Katheryn Shields about the need to resurrect Kansas City’s moribund “1% for Art Program”, they did not just find a sympathetic ear.  They found a champion.

 The “1 % for Art Program” – which required setting aside a percent from public construction projects to provide for public art – had been simply ignored for years by the City government.  That was about to change.  Enlisting the support of Mayor Richard Berkley, Shields used her position on the Finance Committee to enforce the Program during a period when City construction was booming.


 First, the American Royal building expansion yielded Robert Morris’ Bull Wall.





















 The expansion of Bartle Hall gave our skyline the now-iconic Sky Stations by R.M. Fisher,


























After that, what was once controversial became the norm.  Works of public art, from the giant Joel Shapiro sculptures that greet us at Kansas City International airport to the smaller works that are seen throughout the City, have enlivened and beautified our surroundings.

 Once elected Jackson County Executive, Shields instituted a similar “1% for Art Program” in the County as well.

 Today – whether looking at the Downtown skyline or enjoying First Friday at the Crossroads – it is hard to imagine that there was a time when Kansas City did not have a vibrant arts scene enriching our lives and contributing to our economy.    Or that there was a time when “art” in Kansas City was seemingly limited to the Nelson-Adkins.

 A time before three determined women – Myra, Sybil and Katheryn – took art … public.


Presenting new Truman Sports Complex Agreement to the County Legislature.  Seated with County Executive Katheryn Shields are Clark Hunt and Lamar Hunt of the Chiefs and Dan Glass of the Royals.

County Executive Katheryn Shields, Dan Glass of the Royals and Lamar Hunt of the Chiefs announcing the Agreement to renovate Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadiums -- and extend the leases of both teams to 25 years.

4th District At-Large


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On June 23rd, you can vote for Mayor and seven City Council-members: One in district and six At-Large. Don't waste any of your votes. For the 4th District At-Large, Katheryn Shields is the clear choice.



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